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about the author

Byron Johnston is a personal trainer and strength and conditioning coach, based in Guildford, Surrey in the United Kingdom.

Personal Trainer & Strength Coach Byron Johnston.

Personal Trainer & Strength Coach Byron Johnston.

Much of his approach is based upon the simple science of getting people into great shape and helping them channel their hard work in the gym into results week by week.

He provides personal training sessions using free weights and introduces people to the high effectiveness of barbell based exercises.
He also presents health and wellbeing talks to community and corporate groups.

He is the co host of the Profound Fitness Podcast.

Byron focuses on the correct type of programme for each person he trains with an intelligent approach to nutrition accompanying it.

His results vary from assisting athletes to become more powerful and faster in competition, to everyday people who want to shed body fat and be healthy and strong for a well lived, long and active life.

He has trained in gyms for more than ten years and works with people one-to-one to help them become strong and healthy as well as coaching people around the world on with his online membership platform.

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