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The path to getting strong brings with it better energy levels, more confidence and is also a successful and sustainable path to weight loss and healthy ageing.
Training this way is the most effective way to make progress and I’ll show you how to do it safely and correctly.
— Byron

before you get started!

Gym Training : Commonly Held Beliefs

  1. Gym training with weights will make you bulky (aka women should not lift weights, only men should).

  2. Most of a gym workout should be cardio exercise.

  3. When using weights it’s best to use the machines or use the dumbbells and do light weights for many reps.

  4. It’s dangerous to lift weights.

The Actual Truth

  1. Gym training with weights is one of the fastest ways to get lean and look good in a towel. It brings a desirable physique to both women and men. I coach and programme many women and men to get them a an athletic look, as well as advising on nutritional steps along the way. For ladies with onward concerns about weight training and appearance, I am very happy to answer questions on the phone or in person in a free consultation.

  2. To make real progress, most of your training should be carefully planned resistance exercises. Cardiovascular training is useful at different times of a person’s progress and depending on their circumstances. I know exactly when to include it and how much, so that all your time in the gym is always as productive as it can be.

  3. Our main focus will be on using the right amount of weight per exercise per session with the correct form. In most cases I coach people with barbells, but I do also include dumbbells where needed. In my experience they provide the very best results for my clients, and I discuss why they work so well in my article Why Free Weights are the Secret to Success.

  4. Correctly performed weight training comes up again and again in studies as one of the safest forms of exercise you can be doing. My job as your coach will be to introduce exercises to you and guide you to performing them correctly and with confidence. I know how to modify exercises and coach them effectively. This is one of my main areas of expertise and I have even authored a book in this subject.

  • Learn More: On this site you can read more about the why's and how's that make strength training with barbells one of the best investments in how you spend your time exercising in the gym. 

  • I coach in person sessions at a private gym conveniently close to Guildford & Woking.

  • I offer a free consultation to anyone interested in training with me or taking out a membership.

Strength Training
It’s the new way forwards

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Healthy Ageing is Strong Ageing
— Dr Jonathon Sullivan


  • Strength training is now becoming increasingly more popular with men and women in gyms and is fast being recognised by doctors and the medical community to be the most important type of exercise we can all be doing.

  • This importance of a general level of strength applies to men, women, the young and particularly those over the age of 40, because strength is the basis of all our physical interaction, from opening heavy doors, to carrying shopping to being able to move normally and live independently without needing assistance. When people become frail it has a huge impact on the quality of their life.

  • I believe it is best to start training for strength and health early, before the affects of things such as frailty, osteoporosis or metabolic problems even arise. Most of my clients are between the ages of 20 and 50 years and all respond extremely well to my approach to strength training.


  • The method I use to coach strength and conditioning means you’ll notice improvements both on and off the playing field.

  • Being fit and strong makes the life you have now more enjoyable, from enjoying sports more, to keeping up with the kids, even lifting the weekly shopping or your holiday luggage will become easier as you become stronger. These are real practical uses to the kind of training that I coach.

  • As we develop your strength, your muscles become more defined and toned, As standard I accompany my training method with nutritional guidance to help with your diet and meal planning at every step of the way. The result is lean, athletic, toned physique.

What's more interesting is the impact exercise has on other areas of life: 

  1. Happier, Positive & Motivated. Exercise stimulates the body to release hormones such as dopamine and serotonin. These are feel good hormones that are so effective science uses exercise as a recommendation to treat depression. I've noticed the people that train with me become more confident and more motivated as we progress.

  2. Cognitive Benefits. Exercise has been found to enhance memory, learning and concentration. Even if we only consider these improvements in respect of our working lives it's still important to know that recent findings highlight evidence suggesting exercise has firm links to mental health and can help prevent some forms of dementia

  3. Injuries. Although no one wants to have an injury incidents like a fall while out or back pain in general are fairly commonplace for many people. The importance of strength training is that it conditions you in exactly how to lift anything heavy in the safest way. It improves your balance as you get stronger and when you strengthen your muscles you also strengthen your bone density too, which helps mitigate risk to injury.