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strength TRAINING for LONG-TERM HEALTH, Athletic performance & physique.

guildford & surrey

*Online membership platform available worldwide



I offer high quality coaching in person and online.
My focus is your strength and long-term health and I also tailor my coaching to your goals, whether they be weight management, sporting or physique.

I also present community and corporate talks detailing the best uses of exercise and nutrition for health and wellbeing.

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Online Personal training

  • Wherever you are in the world you get to use the gym of your choice, exercise at the time of day that suits you best and still make great progress with my dedicated service that is designed to assist you remotely.

  • I’ll custom programme your gym sessions week by week according to your schedule.

  • You'll film your exercises on your smartphone and upload them to a specialised easy to use online app. I’ll reply after every gym session with feedback on how to improve you form, enabling you to go back into the gym better every time.

  • This service includes nutritional guidance and regular FaceTime/Skype check-ins with me to answer your questions and help keep you on track.

  • Starts with a FREE consultation online or by phone before you pay any money.

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personal training sessions

  • The gold standard of personal training is for me to coach you one-to-one.

  • Improvements to your form will be made in session and this is the fastest way to advance progress in your training or begin by learning the exercises with safe, correct form.

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wellbeing talks

  • Popular talks for corporate well-being and social groups who are interested in the latest most effective methods from the fitness professionals.

  • Much of what is presented in the media, or even in "official" sources for both diet and exercise recommendations don't work well for everybody.

  • These talks explain why, and help remove the modern myths and confusion surrounding the path to a healthy lifestyle through physical activity and healthy eating.

  • *Wellness Topics Include:

  • International Travel Wellbeing For Executives.

  • The Exercise Prescription: Maximising your time and results in the gym.

  • Healthy Eating: Uncovers myths behind popular diets and sets you up for success with simple useable approaches to nutrition.



  • You've found a workout you really like doing with weights, or resistance machines, but you aren't sure if you are performing the exercises correctly.

  • The form tune up doesn't make any changes to the list of exercises you do or how often you go to the gym, but it does help you fix your form and make sure you are lifting safely and correctly.

  • You perform your normal workout and film your exercises on your smartphone then send the clips in for feedback. 

  • You'll recieve a report on each exercise and other handy notes for how to progress.



  • Features an online Facetime or Skype consultation to answer any questions and find out all about your food preferences and goals.

  • You then recieve a customised detailed report that will support your current weekly exercise and guide you to you maintain, gain or lose weight as you see fit.

  • The report covers simple changes you can make to your favourite foods to keep them healthy. 

  • The exact calorie numbers to aim for whether you aim to gain, lose or maintain your weight.

  • How to portion you meals out to get the best results from healthy eating and fuel your body for your workouts and lifestyle needs.

  • How to factor in the occasional cheat meal or must have daily treat and still stay on track with your eating plan.

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the most popular package

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  • Starts with a free consultation to discuss your goals.

  • Learn the correct form for strength training with 2 x in person sessions (Location Surrey UK).

  • After that I’ll coach you via the online membership platform, which includes full exercise programming, customised to you week by week with form checks on all your gym sessions.

  • PLUS. This service includes Nutritional guidance + the Exclusive Member’s Discounts on any other in person sessions you book.

  • This service combines the best of in person coaching that gets you started with confidence alongside the online membership service that will keep you progressing to your goals and results now and well into the future.


£165.00 first month then £100.00 thereafter

In Person Coaching Sessions

In Person Coaching Sessions

Personal training for strength & conditioning.


  • I specialise in providing high quality coaching in strength and conditioning for men and women.

  • I specifically select barbells for training because they are the single most effective tool in the gym for achieving you these results.

  • If you want more from your workouts, if you want real progress in strength, health and your appearance then in person coaching sessions are the fastest way to do this.

  • I use a proven system for strength training progress, and can coach you if you are a beginner, all the way through to an experienced gym goer or athlete.

RATES BETWEEN £45.00 - £60.00

The Personal Trainer in Your Pocket

The Personal Trainer in Your Pocket

Online Personal training


  • Starts with a free consultation to discuss your goals.

  • Workout in the gym you prefer with all your sessions programmed in advance and tailored to you.

  • Your workouts are set week by week according to your schedule. Perfect for working professionals and those with a busy lifestyle.

  • Access to an easy to use app to receive and upload your workout notes & form videos to.

  • Form checks on ALL your programmed gym sessions, you’ll learn to exercise safely and correctly and go in better every time you visit the gym.

  • PLUS. This service includes Nutritional guidance + the Exclusive Member’s Discounts on any other in person sessions you book.

  • Online or phone check ins whenever needed to keep you accountable and on track.


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nutrition check up

This service is designed to compliment your hard work in the gym.


  • Performance Goals/Sports. Receive an optimised breakdown of nutrients and guidance to ensure you recover from your training sessions and are fuelled and ready for the day of competition.

  • Toning & Dieting. You’ll get guidance on eating for healthy weight loss whilst exercising and we’ll make sure you’re fuelled with enough energy to lead a healthy productive life at home and work. This will NOT be a crash weight loss programme, but instead a guided strategy of what to eat and when, that will help you en route to your ideal appearance.

  • Healthy Weight Gain. I recognise that not everybody that goes to the gym wants to lose weight. I myself, was the typical tall and very lean guy for most of my twenties. I’ve learned how to manage eating and plan meals in such a way as gaining weight can be healthy, not take too long and not break the bank. But most of all, for the “hard gainers” this method works, it will lead to real results in your training and physique.

  • The service starts with an online or phone consultation. You’ll then receive the tailored nutritional recommendation by email, explaining your target calories, nutrient breakdown and sample meal plan.

  • *This service is automatically included if you take out the Strength Revolution Online Membership Plan

nutritional check up £75.00

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