I help everyday people get in great shape, become healthier, stronger and more confident. here is what they say about my service.

I have more confidence now in my life as well as in the gym than I have ever had before
— Olivia H.


Olivia, is a hard working mum to three wonderful kids. She runs her own business in wellness and massage as well as a busy household. Her gym thinks she is inspirational and featured her in their own promo ad, which plays at the top of this page (desktop viewers)

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Olivia Says:

I started my fitness journey in 2017 with simple goals: lose the weight I had gained from having kids and build a physique that I could be proud of. I knew what I needed to do to reach my goals, get stronger.

I did lose the weight I wanted to, but I was really struggling to get stronger!

That’s when I started working with Byron. He simplified my training, analyzed form and broke it down for me into manageable pieces so that I could gain confidence under the bar as we kept increasing the load.

Byron has the patience of a monk! I am the girl with 2 left feet, and it felt hopeless to me sometimes, but Byron always got me to the next level by giving critique in a very caring manner so that you are walking into the next set feeling ready to conquer it instead of letting it conquer you.

He taught me that lifting is a skill, something you learn, and it takes a lot of practice to get good at. He also taught me how to have a lot of fun while challenging yourself week after week.

Watch Olivia’s training journey

I have more confidence now in my life as well as in the gym than I have ever had before and that gives you a sense of self worth that no one can give or take away from you, all from the simple act of lifting with a good coach.

As a plus to all this I added almost 100lb onto my squat, hit 2 deadlift goals of 200lb and 250lb, and have benched 103 for 3. These numbers would NOT have been possible without Byron and his eye for detail, encouraging attitude, and sense of humor.

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Never in a million years did I think I would get/need a trainer, but I’m sure glad I did. Even more so, I’m glad it’s Byron.

While there are many trainers out there Byron rises above the rest. He’s passionate about helping people reach new heights all while doing it in a caring and patient manner.

If you are thinking you don’t need a coach- YOU DO. If you are thinking about getting a coach, choose Byron. As a coach he is always there for you even if you are online and 1,000 miles away. He listens to your needs, watches your form carefully, sets you up for success at every workout while challenging you so that you meet your goals.

Byron brings the full package- training, meal planning and RESULTS every time. 

Jeff worked hard to add 130lbs to his squat total and get in great shape doing it.

I thoroughly look forward to working with Byron for years to come.
— Jeff T



to see how far I have come since working with Byron is unreal. I’m so proud of myself and so glad that Byron helped me get to where I am today
— Caitlin

Byron started me on my fitness journey through Strength Revolution; Online Training. I had never trained before, I never new where to start.

Byron was fully committed to helping me achieve my goal. He created a fitness plan for me which was super easy to follow and a diet. Byron always made sure that my diet plan was to my liking and offered to change it so I wasn’t always eating the same.

I would video my work outs, send them onto Byron so he could do form checks and we spoke on the phone regularly to catch up and answer any questions that I had.

Strength Revolution was a huge part of my fitness journey as I would use Byron’s videos to also do my own form checks.

That is how I have the confidence to work out on my own now. Byron taught me so much in the time he was training me. For my own personal goal I still have a lot of work to do. But to see how far I have come since working with Byron is unreal. I’m so proud of myself and so glad that Byron helped me get to where I am today.


I worked with Nigel on a short diet at first, then we trained to progress his gym lifts. Below you see him at the start of this strength journey and approx 1 year into it.


Nigel has been strength training for just 1 year. We added 117.5k/258lbs to his squat total.



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Byron knows exactly what he is doing and cares a lot about his trainees which makes him an excellent coach
— Siham J.

I’m Siham, a 20 years old football player in AMHS, a football club in D1 in Morocco and I play left winger.

I started weightlifting to improve my performance on the field, I learned the form of the compound lifts in books, and I always thought that my form was good. Until I started getting form checks from Byron Johnston, and I was impressed by how much improvements I made!

Thanks to his advice, I could start doing full squats safely again with my torn ACL from football practice, and I added 85lbs to my deadlift in 1 month! 

And even though it was all done online, and from different countries, it was really easy and the results were amazing. I wouldn't have done this without him. He also provided a lot of help in planning my program and helping me get the right accessories for weightlifting.

After a few months I found myself feeling a lot stronger and looking much leaner
— Caitlin H